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How Green it is!

Here is a pic of the bird feeder area, and the yard closest to the street :-) I Love the peacefulness in this area. The sound of the fish pond trickling over the stones, and all the birds that come to visit the feeders. There are 6 seed feeders there, 3 that hold suet, and a thistle sack. There are around 20 species of birds that are here daily eating :-) It is So exciting to see when a new one passes through!!

There are also a multitude of flowers and bushes in that mass of green, I wish this pic would have caught some of them in bloom :-( I think this was just after the first flush of bloom in the spring, and before the summer bloomers.

My Mom had a very green thumb, and many of the plants in the yard came from her home :-) They are, each one, bright memories of her :-)

This pic was taken in late May of 2004, and without trying, I could name at least 30 varieties of blooming things in there :-)

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The Hammock

About a month later, and you can see me there in the hammock taking it easy :-) The day lilies around the pond are starting to bloom, and we put up a little patio umbrella over part of the pond for the fish to have some shade to rest in.

But, this area is about to get larger.......

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Winter Room

We missed a better view of the birds, so made the area larger, including the bird feeder area and some of the bushes. It has really made the area much nicer, and keeps the dogs from catching the birds.....

This next year will be finessing the outdoor room :-)

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Daffodils are my Favorite flowers :-)
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