My Large Dragons :-)

The Dragon Collection :-)

These are just the Large ones....LOL

My Home Line

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Yes, I Love Dragons!!

I won't bore you with a whole house tour.....LOL I will tell you, if you come in the front door as in the pic of My Home, and walk straight through the living room, then the dining room, you will see this collection as you enter the den. You can see the patio door here leading to the hot tub :-)

The largest of the collection is a water fountain, lit up here, but a little hard to see with the flash of the camera :-( Some of these dragons have special lights, some play music, some are candle holders or incense burners, and some just sit there :-)

The little dragons are in a Curio Cabinet in the living room.

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A closer shot of the fountain.

You can see in this closer shot here how the fountain mists in the bottom pool, rather awesome to see, this pic does not do it justice.

Just to the right side of the patio door is my computer desk, another fav of mine :-)

There's no where like home!!

My Home Line

The font I am using is BlackChancery, my favorite font. You can download it Here

My Home Line

Daffodils are my Favorite flowers :-)
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