Here I am at the Very End!

I wish there were more........

Dragon and Wizard Line

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Midi file is Golden Mountain Top by Jalal Ali. Please visit his site Here.

Dragon and Wizard Line

This is where I end this learning experience and try and decide what to do next :-)

I wish to Thank Julie and Chelle for creating the group and lessons I have enjoyed So Much! And, Mystic and Trinity being kind and helpful mentors guiding me through :-)

I also want to Thank the Grads and group members who have been so inspiring in their portfolios, and I had so little time to reply to :-(

Thank You also if you have taken the time to look this far :-)

I have enjoyed this learning more than I can express, and already am missing the Next lesson :-)

I wish you all peace.


Dragon and Wizard Line

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Dragon and Wizard Line

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